So to some, this may just seem like an ordinary email confirmation. But to me, it’s everything. Before @twloha, I was afraid to tell my story of depression, abuse, self-harm, and even attempting suicide in high school. I had no idea what resources and support were available until I found this amazing company. This is my third year participating in #worldsuicidepreventionweek, and this has become my life mission: to bring awareness to suicide and mental illness and remove the stigma that surrounds it.

#mcm #96days

What type of weirdo gets excited about having 10 insurance licenses, and waiting for 5 more? Oh right, ME, IM THAT TYPE OF WEIRDO.

Okay, as many of you know, I am extremely passionate about suicide prevention and awareness, along with mental health awareness. This years #WSPweek campaign from @twloha is “No One Else Can Play Your Part”, and that’s so incredibly profound and true. The link for this awareness package is on #TWLOHA’s profile, and tbh I’m beyond excited to participate in this campaign!



#mcm is always my amazing, brilliant, funny, dorky, handsome fiancé ❤️in 117 days, I’ll have the honor of being your wife, and I cannot wait to join you in marriage

Thanks to @pewdiepie, I’m currently waiting 2+ hours to play “The Wolf Among Us”. However, no complaints, since this game is pure awesomeness wrapped in bacon!